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June 6, 2012
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Scriptscriber Apo paint script. by Scriptscriber Scriptscriber Apo paint script. by Scriptscriber
Scriptscriber Apo paint script.

You like a painting look for your Apo art?
And not messing with formulas, calculators etc.
This one is not for the purist old school apolics.
Its for looks fun and playing, pasing time.

You might need to install a couple of plugins,
which you can find in the Aposhack plugin pack.

For this script this one goes like such:
Transform count: 4
Has final transform: Yes
Used plugins:
- xtrb
- splits
- bwraps7
- cross2
- spherical
- bipolar
- foci
- linear3D

So you might need plugins xtrb,splits,bwraps7,cross2,bipolar and foci...

Sorry but its what it needs to get this effect.

This script will sometimes give an A symetrical results but mostly not.
Play with it further move those little triangles in the Editor window to make it your own.
The ones with more weight are more dominant.
Add or change the variables and variations/add more and/or take away some.

On the final FX (The white and last and most dominant one)
Change to any plugin/plugins combo to see if you like the results.

This was all made possible by those wonderfull people who make this software and plugins.
And scriptscribers, but most of all by everyone who shares their parameters, and Love Apophysis.

Made with Apo 7x
Thank you MR.Xyrus.
We love you to.
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Gerda1946 Jun 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here are 2 results (same flame, different colouring, different render).


apomaker Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are very beautiful thank you, just been having a look at them!!!:hungry:
will try it ty
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